Unique Prefab Solution is the leading manufacturer of commercial prefab homes & luxury villas in India. Modular prefab homes & Luxury Villas have gained immense popularity for their applications as hostels, staff quarters, sample flats, etc. Unique Prefab Solution is the leading manufacturer and supplier of such commercial houses. We offer the most efficient and value for money housing options.

Aesthetic and ease of construction are the defining characteristics of these buildings. These frames are sturdy and provide long-lasting service. Unique Prefab Solution is your one-stop shop for the finest prefabricated commercial homes and model apartments in India.

Light gauge steel frame construction is an innovative and dependable building technique that is widely utilized throughout the globe and has exceeded wood frame construction in many design and construction elements.

It offers a number of benefits, including constructibility, strength, design flexibility, sustainability, and lightweight, which makes it easy to handle and increases speed; safety; and building quality. Nevertheless, it is susceptible to fire, thus a fire-resistant coating must be applied.

Light gauge steel frame elements are fabricated, according to certain specifications, from structural steel sheets shaped into strong C, Z, or S shapes that can withstand heavy loads. Light gauge steel is also known as cold-formed steel, a term derived from the process of forming steel components.


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  • Aesthetically appealing design
  • Standard and reliable design that meets the construction requirements
  • Ergonomic interior spaces
  • Weather proof and can be made fire resistant with excellent thermal insulation
  • Multiple facet options from attractive panels to spruce up the aesthetic appeal of the structure
  • The structure and panels are corrosion resistant that last for a lifetime
  • Unique Prefab Solution, the best prefab commercial home manufacturer in India offers sample flats and homes that can effectively be transportable between location.


The premade homes have a large usage as short-lived constructions and are widely embraced as the best re-locatable houses. Portable sample flats or homes have substantial advantages that promote their usage in the following:

  • Compact design to suit the smallest of areas
  • Ergonomic interiors
  • Highly energy efficient
  • All weather proof design
  • Suitable for all terrains and localities


The best prefab commercial homes manufacturer in India, Unique Prefab Solution offers its customer needs with prefabricated buildings that are an example for quality and sturdiness. The products range set an example for perfection and precision of layout. These Portable houses offer the complying with benefits:

  • Quick Installation: Prefab homes are rapid and effortless to install and being made from light-weight materials offer convenience in re-location.
  • Sturdy Structure: Unique Prefab Solution homes have an innovative construction system, which is safe, reliable and meets the highest standards of construction and design internationally.
  • Flexible Layout: The layout can be set up as per client requirement and altered whenever wished
  • Waterproof structure: The portable homes have a waterproof design. So it does not need any separate waterproof treatment.

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