Discover the epitome of efficiency with Unique Prefab Solution Prefab's Prefabricated Industrial Sheds in uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh. As the industrial heart of India, uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh demands structures that are not only robust but also quick to assemble. Our cutting-edge prefabricated solutions are tailored to meet these demands, providing you with a seamless construction experience.

Our industrial sheds are engineered to withstand the rigors of uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh's environment, offering superior durability. With Unique Prefab Solution Prefab, you get more than just a building; you get a strategic asset that enhances your operational efficiency. Whether you require a warehouse, manufacturing unit, or storage facility, our prefabricated industrial sheds are designed to meet your specific needs.

Experience a faster, cost-effective, and sustainable way of expanding your industrial infrastructure in uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh with Unique Prefab Solution Prefab. We bring innovation, quality, and reliability to every project, ensuring your business thrives in the bustling capital.


Custom-designed architecture and client specific construction remains the top priority of our prefabricated structures and Unique Prefab Solution, the best industrial shed company in India caters to complete requirements of the customer that forms the cornerstone of their progress and success. With high quality raw material put to use and a detailed manufacturing process, there is a lifetime guarantee of durability and optimum service from these industrial sheds. Below are the features of these pre engineered fabricated structures:

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  • Rugged design that offers optimum longevity
  • Resistance to rust, moisture and UV rays
  • Rapid installation and construction method, as opposed to conventional sheds
  • Optimal fire resistant design
  • Cost effective construction alternative


  • Wall: PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 50 / 60mm with PPGI sheet on both sides.
  • Roof: PUF / EPS insulated sandwich panels of 30 / 40 mm or PPGI roofing sheet.
  • Doors: Insulated Doors with all accessories will be provided from our manufacturing setup
  • Windows: Aluminum anodized sliding windows will be provided from our manufacturing setup
  • Structure and Accessories: All required supporting accessories and structure will be provided before project delivery
  • Electrical fittings, sanitary fittings, beds etc will be provided as per client requirements and fitted as per the contract.

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The wide range of PEB industrial sheds that Unique Prefab Solution makes are best suited for construction requirements in almost all industries from aeronautical to food and beverages or any other. Another beneficial feature of the sheds is that more insulation support can also be added to them for meeting specific construction regulations and can lead to great alternate options for greater energy savings and low consumption.

BENEFITS FROM Unique Prefab Solution

High grade material utilization and an intricate production process provides Unique Prefab Solution an edge over the rest of the players. It also marks the company as the top industrial shed manufacturer and supplier in India. Delivering products that meet the particularcustomer requirements has been the target of this company. The prefabricated industrial sheds from Unique Prefab Solution come with the following benefits over the rest:

  • PEB sheds have widespread usage across multiple industries for storage, workshop or warehouse.
  • Constructed from high grade basic material.
  • Used for constructing large covered areas.
  • Cost effective and designed to meet your specific needs.