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Noise not only reduces the ability to concentrate, but can also trigger stress and result in permanent illness. This is why it is important to best insulate noise at its point of origin. Unique Prefab acoustic-rated doors make a major contribution with acoustic values of up to 48 dB.

  • Available in Galvanized, Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.
  • Label Doors for STC (Sound Reduction) of 48 dB.
  • Adhering to ASTM E90 and Sound Transmission Class as per ASTM E 413.
  • ARAI, Pune Tested.
  • Clear Vision lite as per requirement.
  • Factory prepped to receive all type of hardware.
  • High Aesthetic and Robust Structure.
  • Factory finished for Primer and Paint Finish.
  • Inbuilt Fire Rating


Door Structure: 60-75mm thick (depending up to Sound Reduction Requirement), fabricated from 1.60mm (Inside) & 1.00mm (Outside)galvanized steel door (reinforced to accept hardware) with full shop painted finish and filled with sound absorbing and damping elements.

Frame: Z-section frame fabricated from 2mm hot rolled galvanized angle / channel / plate fixed to suitable supporting RHS to structural engineer’s details / requirements.

Acoustic Seals: Side and head of door frame shall receive two sets of acoustic seals to acoustic engineer’s specification / requirement. An acoustic labyrinth shall be created when the door is in a closed position. The bottom of the door will be fitted with automatic Door Bottom Seal which shall compress against the floor as the door is closed.

Assembly: All elements will be assembled and adjusted at the factory to insure ease of installation, reliable operation and acoustic performance prior to shipment and installation. Hinges: Surface mounted strap hinges by manufacturer painted to match the door.


It is recommended the doors are fully installed by the manufacturer. Colour / Finishes Polyester Powder Coated to client’s RAL selection Colour / Finishes: Polyester Powder Coated to client’s RAL selection For Any Query Regarding Prefab Please Email Us on