Happening in popular locations as well as largely used for industrial applications, it is a must that the top prefabricated pulpits manufacturer provides cutting-edge services that comply with the following beneficial features:

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  • Custom designed and pre-engineered construction with PUF insulated panels
  • Several options available with various finishes like PPGS / PPGS, PPGS / ACP, PPGS / SS, SS / SS
  • Walls of different height, yet tough and durable construction
  • Light weight panels which are easy to install and erect at any height inside the plant
  • Big view glasses are possible to be installed with the Insulated panels without any extra support
  • False floor fixing allows electrical cables to pass through for operating panels
  • Placing of smoke detectors and fire fighting equipments are seamless

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Unique Prefab Solution, the leading control room solutions provider company with its cutting-edge concepts and technical knowledge has actually gotten a decent market reputation for delivering high quality erected frameworks that offer in the most demanding conditions without a mistake. The exact use of exceptional materials combined with an efficient production process, makes Unique Prefab Solution the first choice for prefabricated pulpits.

The control areas from leading prefabricated pulpit suppliers are compatible for an approval from governing bodies and satisfy all the commercial criteria.

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  • Control pulpits – for deploying in manufacturing and production plants across India
  • CRM Pulpits – used in high temperature setup like steel plants smelting plants, furnace areas and bulk goods handling locations
  • Entry mill pulpits – Entry mill pulpits for industrial applications
  • Exit mill pulpits – quality tested and PUF panel insulated structures
  • Finishing mill pulpits – finds application in food processing, pharmaceutical, paint booths, electronics testing setup
  • HSM Pulpits – lift-on and non lift-on type pulpits from Unique Prefab Solution

BENEFITS FROM Unique Prefab Solution

Unique Prefab Solution has because long been the preferred selection for industrial companies and also leading sectors as the leading modular prefabricated pulpits manufacturer and the huge product array satisfies the vast requirements. With a technological edge and flawless style, the control pulpits from Unique Prefab Solution offer the adhering to benefits:

  • The pulpits are insulated leading to greater energy savings and more comfort in adverse conditions due to insulation
  • High durability renders improved safety in demanding applications
  • Dry construction that does not require water
  • Option to select various options on fascia of panels based upon the site conditions and requirements.
  • Flexibility of expansion and re-location
  • All weather proof construction